Monography, life and work Erik Suidman

The Utrecht painter Erik Suidman (1964-2018) almost exclusively painted people – especially vulnerable, sad or desperate people. His characters drag themselves through a hopeless existence, hide behind masks or scream out of frustration. 

Suidman was an autodidact, who only found his calling as a painter at the age of 30. He was extremely productive, also to make up for lost time, and made at least 200 large works and more than 1300 small ones. He passed away tragically in India on 2 January 2018.

This book catalogues his impressive work and is a tribute to an artist and friend. It was compiled by his partner Fabian Galama, fellow artist Lou Vos, and university friend Roy van de Graaf, and traces his development as a painter while tentatively attempting to interpret the work. But above all it reproduces a lot of special paintings, which have since been acknowledged as being of museum quality.
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